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Improving Cancer & Infection Research

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Helping Scientists Harness the Immune System to Fight Cancer & Infection

The immune system, including molecules, cells, and tissue, protects the body from infection and cancer. However, cancer often finds way to escape from the immune system. Immunotherapy helps the immune system recognize cancer and virus-infected cells and kill them. 

Cancer immunotherapy is a promising treatment option for many types of cancer and involves isolating a patient’s own immune cells, called T or NK cells, engineering these cells in a laboratory to express chimeric antigen receptors (CAR), which recognize a tumor-specific protein, and re-infusing the engineered T or NK cells back into the patient.

Before these CARs can be clinically tested, it is essential to generate the CAR-engineered immune cells and accurately evaluate their efficacy in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We offer a unique and exceptional research and technology support towards improvement of immune cells. We pride ourselves on offering medical doctor, physician-scientist, and researcher high-quality services to better assist you in fighting cancer and infectious diseases. Take the next step to improving your research and your patient treatment, today.


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Misum Biotechnology LLC is a modern biotech company. We provide immunotherapy research assistance for doctors, physicians, and scientists.

Take advantage of our technical service and research towards modifying white blood cells to harness the power of these immune cells to kill tumor cells or virus-infected cells.

The second part of our mission is to develop an automated system to test the efficacy of these engineered white blood cells
(including T and NK cells).

We are one of few companies in the USA to offer this type of service. Our founders were inspired by the fact that there are few technology services available on the market to help physicians, scientists, and researchers to engineer immune cells.

Misum Biotechnology creates value for the customer by: 1) providing services to researchers who need technical support and CAR services for immunotherapy; 2) enabling cost and time savings for engineering white blood cells; and 3) selecting the best CAR-T or CAR-NK cells for their research in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We strive to offer the technique support.

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